Alternatives to Church on Sunday

Spirituality | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton OhioSeeking for alternatives to Church on Sunday. Sunday morning is a difficult time for many people. With busy schedules and active lives, Sunday a.m. may be the only time for people to sleep in, relax, read the paper, take a leisurely walk. In other words, Sunday is indeed Sabbath time. It’s a break from the rat race.

Our church’s Sunday morning schedule of worship and Christian education comes out of a previous era when the pace of life was very different. Research indicates that a vast majority of folk are “spiritual but not religious”—meaning, in part, that they are very interested in God and community but not very excited by the ways and means of traditional religious institutions.

I would like to know your ideas and suggestions about how you would like to explore the spiritual in your life: house church, small group, online, alternatives to traditional church. We certainly have folk who will want to continue their church life as they always have. But if you are seeking to explore the presence and meaning of God in alternative ways, please let me know what questions you have, what practices you suggest, and your ideas about how I might help. You can contact me through this link.