Christmas Letter

Christmas is coming! Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone. The holiday is upon us with full force as we shop, decorate, bake, and wrap. Christmas music is in the air and wonderfully lighted trees and displays are now part of our evening landscape.

I recently heard a fascinating recollection by some of the folk who worked on A Charlie Brown Christmas, the television special that first aired in December, 1965. The animated musical is based on Charles Schulz’s comic strip, Peanuts. Apparently, before the show aired there was a great deal of angst because Schulz had insisted that the voices be those of real children and not professional actors. There was also worry that Schulz included the Christmas story from Luke’s Gospel. Perhaps this injection of religion into the Peanuts cartoon would somehow cause harm to the production. Not to worry. When it airs this month for the 50th year, it remains one of the most popular and endearing of the Christmas television traditions.

It’s always good to be reminded of the Christmas story, and that it includes children, real children! I appeal to your generosity to make a special Christmas contribution to support ministries to families and children through hunger ministries, scholarships, and other forms of aid.

Creche | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton Ohio

Creche at Christ Church

I also invite you to join us in worship during the Christmas Season. The story of the Bethlehem stable is so very familiar. We’re not going to hear anything new or different about the manger and the shepherds. When we hear the opening line, “In those days, a decree went out from Emperor Augustus . . .” we know what’s coming next. What we may lose sight of is that this story is not just a recollection of what happened so long ago, but an invitation to let it happen again in us. As we re-visit Bethlehem, let the holy God “. . . be born in us today.” That’s one of the reasons why we worship and listen to the old, well-known tale that it may live again in the present.

Listed below is a schedule of our Christmas services and giving information.

With all best wishes for a glorious revival of the birth of Christ in you, I am

Faithfully yours,

The Rev. John PaddockChristmas Eve | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton OhioYou can donate your Christmas offering online, as well as Christmas flower gifts. In order to be included in the Christmas bulletin, flower donations must be received by Thursday, December 18. Envelopes are also available at the church for your use. For flower donations, please include the names in memory of or in thanksgiving for your loved one(s). Of course you can donate as well by putting your offering in an offering plate at a service or by sending to the church office.

Christmas Eve Services: Wednesday, December 24

3:30 pm    Holy Eucharist with music

Wassail Bowl | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton Ohio

Wassail Bowl at Christ Church

7:00 pm    Music Preludes and Holy Eucharist followed by a reception with Wassail Bowl punch and    Christmas treats. (Wassail comes from an old English toast, “Be ye healthy!”

 Christmas Day Service: Thursday, December 25

10:30 am    Holy Eucharist – no music