Email Trouble?

Email Trouble?

Email Trouble? 150 150 admin

We are aware that a large number of parishioners are not receiving emails from the church, such as The Broadcast and Prayer Requests. We currently utilize an email service provider, Constant Contact, that makes it easy for us to create custom content that can be sent to a large number of subscribers. One common problem of using an email service provider is that your provider (ex: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) thinks our emails are marketing promotions or junk and automatically sorts them into folders like ‘Promotions’, ‘Social’ or ‘Junk’ without you realizing it.


To be sure that you receive email communication from the church, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Add our email address to your Safe Sender List / Contacts

Adding our email address to your Safe Sender List / Contacts ( will greatly increase the likelihood that you will properly receive our emails to your Primary Inbox.      Click the link below for Constant Contact’s instructions on adding Christ Episcopal Church to your Safe Sender list

  • Move our emails to your Primary Inbox

You may find that our emails are automatically being filtered and sorted into other folders like ‘Promotions’, ‘Social’ or ‘Junk’. By searching for our emails, you may find what folder they are ultimately being delivered to; make a point to check those folders periodically to see if our emails end up there. If you see our emails in those folders, move them to your Primary Inbox–over time, your email provider will learn those emails are important to you and will send them to your Primary Inbox instead.

  • Change your Inbox Settings

Gmail, specifically, sorts your emails into three categories: Primary, Social and Promotions. They do this to help keep your emails organized for you and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. For example, emails from your sister would likely go to Primary; emails from Facebook or LinkedIn would go to Social; emails from Kohls or Groupon would go to Promotions. As previously noted, emails from the church may be automatically filtered into Social or Promotions instead of Primary. If you prefer to have your emails categorized as such, be sure to check those folders for our emails and move them over to Primary as outlined above. If you prefer to have all of your emails in your Primary Inbox, go to the Options menu and select ‘Configure Inbox’ then un-check Social and Promotions, save.

  • Create a Filter

Most email providers allow you to create custom filters, so incoming emails from certain addresses or containing certain words will be filtered into the folder you prefer. You will likely find this under ‘Settings’. If you choose to create a filter, put in the field: From, and Christ Episcopal Church in the field: Has the words -or- Include the words . Then choose the category or label you would like our emails filtered to, such as ‘Personal’ or ‘Primary’ or ‘Church’.


If you have tried any of the above and continue to have difficulty receiving or locating our emails, please contact the Parish Administrator by phone at (937) 223-2239 or email at