Christian Education

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God, and  what is good and acceptable and perfect.  Romans 12:2

Our Faith Development

Christ Church takes seriously the education of God’s people of all ages. Education is imparting and learning knowledge and skill.  We learn about the Bible and Christian tradition.  We study Christian history and learn to think theologically about modern life. But Christian education is more than simply acquiring knowledge; it is about helping one another discover God’s presence in and purpose for our lives.  Broken lives become whole, hopeless lives are filled with hope, and life breaks out even in the midst of death.

In the broadest sense, Christian education and discovery are at the center of all our parish programs of worship, service, pastoral care, stewardship, fellowship, and mission.  In every single thing that we do, we seek to walk with Jesus and  to learn from him.

All Ages

Sunday Mornings: 9am-10am.  This is our parish Christian education hour. Programs are offered for children and adults. See below for the schedules and details.


Jesus Christ & Children | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton, OhioWe have Nursery Services for newborns, infants, and toddlers up through age three.

The Nursery is located upstairs on the second floor.  An elevator is available.

Nursery Hours from September through May are every first and third Sunday from 9am – noon; other Sundays, 10am – noon. Times are extended when there are special occasions and events.  During the summertime, the hours are from 10am – noon. If you have nursery needs at other times, please let us know by contacting the church office.

Generally, we do not provide snacks for the children.  We ask the parents to provide bottles, milk/formula, baby wipes, and diapers.  Our staff will feed infants when instructed to do so by the parents.  Snacks for toddlers are also provided by the parents.

Parents may request a pager so that our Nursery Staff can notify them in the event their child needs them.

Many parents desire to keep their children with them during worship, and that is just fine with us. We also have rocking chairs just outside of our worship space for your convenience.

Call us at 937-223-2239 with your questions.

Pre-K through Second Grade

Second and Fourth Sundays, 9-10 am

Godly Play is the curriculum for this group, which is based on the insights of Maria Montessori. Children at this age learn by sharing Bible stories, the church calendar, and worship.  Hands-on play helps the students to understand the deeper meanings of the parables and stories that Jesus taught.  Their faith in Jesus grows as they learn.  When children learn how to use religious language, such as from parables and sacred stories, they become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives.  This program honors the child’s natural sense of the sacred and seeks to provide a richly structured environment in which the religious potential of a child may freely develop.

Grades 2-5

Second and Fourth Sundays, 9-10 am

This class uses the Joyful Path curriculum. ProgressiveChristianity Group has created this groundbreaking spiritual children’s curriculum that celebrates a joy-filled life, compassion for all, and the wisdom within.

Lessons are based on the energy within, the body, the feelings, the heart, the will, God, the teachings of Jesus, and the intellect. Lessons usually include Bible, movement and art activities, an original story, and discussion questions. Music and nature are gently woven into the lessons.

Grades 6-12

Second and Fourth Sundays, 9-10 am

Meet in the Youth Room on the second floor to discuss faith and life.

Adult Forum

Most Sundays, 9-10 am, September--May

Our Sunday morning Adult Forum is designed for people who want to grow in their understanding of the Bible, theology, Christian mission, and how to relate their faith to contemporary life and issues. The Forum meets in the Parlor or Parish Hall of the Church while children participate in Sunday School.


January—May, 2017: White Privilege: Let’s Talk


This past spring our Rector, The Rev. John Paddock, joined with four United Church of Christ clergy to author a curriculum titled, White Privilege: Let’s Talk. It was released on September 1, 2016. Please join us as we have frank and open conversations on this most important topic for society and for the church. Given the rhetoric of our President-Elect and the white nationalism of some of his top advisors, this is a timely topic. We will be joined by members of The Living Beatitudes Community. A downloadable PDF of the curriculum material is available at the following link:

Weekday Programs

Lifetree Cafe

What Is LTC 01 19 2016

Lifetree Café is all about stories…

Lifetree Café is a time and place where people gather to hear inspiring stories and engage in conversation on a different topic every week. On film and in person, you’ll hear stories that will make you think, spice your conversation, help you make sense of the world, and inspire you. And in the fun, casual, safe environment of Lifetree Café, you may share your story, too. If you’re looking for a place where you can explore life, meet new friends, and experience God…then Lifetree Café is your kind of place.

When: Every Tuesday evening, 6:30-7:30 pm

Christ Church Parlor

Hosts include Carole Ganim, Emily Sexton, Tom Cruse, and John Paddock

To find out about coming topics Visit the Lifetree Website

Archives of Past Lectures - Two

Call Stories of Biblical Figures

This series was offered in the fall of 2014 by Rabbi Bernard Barski and Dr. Larry Welborn on call stories in the Bible. The series was offered with wide acclaim. These lectures have been listened to and downloaded from people around the world.

Week 1 – The Call of Adam

Week 2 – The Call of Abraham

Week 3 – The Call of Moses

Week 4 – The Calls of Amos, Hosea, and Jeremiah

Week 5 – The Call of Jesus

Week 6 – The Call of Paul