I Really Care, Do You? – Summer Intern Current Events Reflection 1

I really care, do you?

The topic of immigration in America has been a very recurrent issue lately. As many of you may know, Trump’s new immigration policy consists of separating immigrant families from one another. While the parents are being prosecuted, children are being put into cage-like shelters. The idea of children being separated from their families at the border is unethical and inhumane. There are many other ways to possibly decrease the rate of immigration into the US, but this route appears to be drastic and extreme. If the US cannot control immigrants from crossing the border, they should try to do so from a different approach. The US needs to figure out what force is pushing immigrants away from their countries and figure out how to fix these issues without tearing up families while in the process. Millions of dollars are spent on shelters and cages for immigrants, instead of those dollars being invested into effective and right-minded policies. Instead of treating people from other countries as animals, they should be trying to help these poverty stricken communities so that there is no need to migrate somewhere else. It is clear that not all immigrants come to America for good reasons. There are still issues such as drugs, trafficking and more than can be important factors of why immigration policies should be strict. However, these issues can be handled differently. Instead of trying to compete with other countries, the least we can do is deal with immigration in a humane manner. Many forget that immigrants are human as well which causes them to become desensitized to such cruel changes in the US Immigration policy. How can someone care so much about women and children but support such cruel policies? I believe Melania has answered this question for all of us. They really don’t care! But the question is, do you?

-Kennedy, 15

YouthWorks Summer Intern at Christ Episcopal Church

The views and opinions expressed in this reflection piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton. In an effort to encourage analysis of current events, inventory personal values, reflect on individual growth, and exercise self expression, we have asked our summer YouthWorks intern to write a weekly reflection on current events to be shared on Christ Church’s website and social media. This not only benefits our intern, Kennedy, but also benefits us all by hearing the perspective of one our local young people and looking at the world through a new lens.