Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Our Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV’s) take the sacrament of the bread and the wine to people who cannot be with us for regular worship: shut-ins at home, folk in hospitals, people in nursing care and hospice. I recently received the following message about a visit to a member of our church who lives in a nursing home.

“Today’s visit was proof of the healing power of the Eucharistic community–as if I needed proof! The person I visited was quite glum when I arrived–and I said she looked tired and sad. She shook her head and affirmed the hunches I offered. I told her about seeing people she knew earlier in the week, and her eyes lit up and she smiled. She was able to say the confession with me–that was a surprise!  I chose Ps. 16:5-11 as a reading during the service, sharing that it was what I was praying in a difficult moment in my life.

Again her eyes grew large and again her attention to that bit of news showed on her face.  She was really present throughout the visit–and even her coloring changed from pale to a bit rosy by the time I left.

It is a humbling experience to realize how this brief encounter, which I facilitate, is so valuable and healing.”

If you feel called to share the sacrament of Holy Eucharist with members of our community who cannot make it to regularly scheduled services, please contact The Rev. LindaMay Watkins who will assist you. LindaMay Watkins can be reached at, or at (513) 314-0857.