Life Tree Cafe Is Moving

The Life Tree Cafe is moving. Until farther notice, beginning on Tuesday, November 10, we will meet in the Christ Church Parlor from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The vision for Life Tree Cafe is to offer serious conversations about issues that matter in people’s lives and experience, and to do this in a fairly public place for accessibility and visibility.

We are grateful to the owner of The Toxic Brew on Fifth Street in the Oregon District for hosting us every Tuesday since our public opening in mid-September. Despite our fondest wishes and best efforts, some evenings the noise level was fairly loud, which made it difficult to hear the leaders and/or the video portions of the programs. Last night we also had a barking dog in addition to very loud chatter in the other room—so much so that at times we couldn’t even hear each other.

Please share this word as broadly as you are able. And let us know of any ideas you may have for a more public space where we can offer the Life Tree program. Ideally, it would be a somewhere that is regularly available early on Tuesday evenings at no charge, fairly quiet, with a flat screen smart TV, and with a fair amount of foot traffic close by.

The topic for November 10, examines the question, “Does everything happen for a reason?”