Lifetree Cafe Coming in September

This fall we’re planning to offer a weekly series of conversations on things that matter—as a way of expanding our food ministries—feeding the souls of people, some of whom may not now be members of the church nor may ever be members of it. It’s called Lifetree Cafe to be held in the Oregon District on Tuesday evenings, 7-8 pm.

Subjects will vary week by week: examples include immigration, depression, addiction, homelessness, marriage, race, and insights from people who have walked away from church. Participants will be asked to reflect on these and many other topics from their own experience, the stories of others, and from “the hopes and fears of all the years.” It will be a non-judgmental atmosphere where people will be encouraged to share.

I invite you to be a part of it: to feed hungry souls by connecting them to Jesus, the Bread of Life. We will need a number of volunteers: people to lead, set up, participate, do some publicity, provide financial support, and offer prayer. I’m not asking anyone to make a commitment today—simply to think about how you might help people be fed by the man from the house of bread. We’ll be rolling out the Lifetree Cafe sometime in September—engaging people who might never think of coming through our doors to satisfy the gnawing hunger in their souls. We’ll be getting back to you soon with more details about how you can help.

Remember: week by week we take into ourselves the Bread of Life that we might truly become bread for the malnourished in our city.

On Sunday, August 30, at 9 am in the parlor at Christ Church, a sample Lifetree program will be offered, so that you can get a flavor of what is to come. Please join us.

May God give us the vision and the means not only to feed hungry bodies but to nourish their souls—abundantly.