Planning Ahead | Arrangements for Funeral / Burial

This planning workbook has been designed to assist Christians with preparations that will help their families, their pastor or funeral director, at the time of their death. At Christ Episcopal Church, as in all Christian Churches, we believe very deeply in our Lord’s promise of eternal life to all who trust in and seek to be obedient to Christ. We view the service for the burial of the dead as a solemn moment in the life of the Church, reminding us all of our physical mortality; but we, as Christians, also see this time as one in which we can be reminded to give thanks again to God for caring enough about us to send us Jesus, that we might have the gift of life eternal.

If you should die tomorrow, would your family know how old you are? Where your important papers are? Whether you wish to be buried or cremated?

Often a family doesn’t know, and part of the education of a Christian is the process of preparing for death. Death is a part of the gift of life.

And so, we are offering you this workbook so that you will take the time to make some decisions about how and where you want your burial services conducted and so that your family, friends, and executor(s) will have an easier time carrying out those decisions and making other necessary arrangements with the assurance of your written word to guide them. We recommend that you consult a clergy person in the liturgical preparations.

Please keep this record up-to-date. Many changes occur in our lives each year, such as changes in marital status, births, deaths, address, etc.

Let someone know where this record will be kept. Do not keep the only copy in your safe deposit box. It should be kept with your important papers where it will be accessible to others. Make sure to give a copy to your clergy and attorney.

Planning Ahead – Funeral Booklet 2018