Step Up Instead of Give Up for Lent 2018

Step Up Instead of Give Up for Lent 2018

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Joining with The Living Beatitudes Community for Lenten Suppers/Study

Tuesday, February 13, 6 pm, Pancake Supper and Lenten Focus Presentation and Discussion

Tuesday, February 20, 6 pm, Soup and Bread followed by short video and discussion

Wednesday, March 14, 6 pm, Soup and Bread followed by short video and discussion

Lent has always been a time to reflect, a time to challenge oneself. Traditional observances included “giving something up” during Lent, fasting at specific times, and observances that focused one’s efforts on personal piety. But newer theologies and enhanced awareness of the world at large have provided a framework for the Christian that now emphasizes radical interdependence. We see more clearly that our life choices affect us as well as other. We are no longer fed by a religious story of otherworldliness, but more by that of engagement in the world. Our actions as Christians, then, arise from our life experiences, and lead outward in service to others.

This lent we are focusing on Stepping Up to the challenge of a new spiritual practice, that of learning how to listen for the sake of building solidarity. Progressive Christianity Uniting states it this way: “Either because of unfamiliarity or unease, we remain separate from the suffering in our wider communities. So if we are called neither to cut ourselves off nor to act as divine rescuers, where does that leave us? The middle path, the narrow way, is one of solidarity. This means that we support the work of those directly affected by oppression, but as partners we take our guidance from those closest to the situation.”

Step up to growing in listening and learning from others in your community who are experiencing mistreatment and injustice. What are they asking for? How can you and the church support the work they are already doing? Listen to them.

Step up to seeing those marginalized by our society as your neighbor. How do your life choices contribute to the marginalization? Can you change anything in your life because of this? Step up to give up the myth that nothing can change.

If you plan to attend, we will need a head count to prepare for the meals. Please sign up on the sheet in the parish hall or call (937-223-2239) or email