Welcome to the Transition page for Christ Episcopal Church. This page has been created to provide updates on our search process for the next rector of Christ Church.

Parishioners and friends of Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton are asked to nominate clergy that they think might be a good match for Christ Church by contacting the priest directly and making them aware of the opening.  Encourage priests to go to the Diocesan website ( and apply via the link provided. Due to the confidential nature of the search process, prospective priests are asked that all questions about the position or search process be directed to Canon Jason Leo, Canon for Transitions and Congregational Vitality or to Sherri Martin, Assistant Transitions Officer, and that members of the congregation or Search Committee not be contacted directly.

Our Search Committee members are required to hold confidential the identifying information of interested candidates. We ask that candidates also keep their interest in this position confidential and limited to a small personal discernment group and the search process we follow.

If you are a priest and are interested in applying for this position, we invite you to go to the website of the Office of Transitional Ministry (OTM) of the Episcopal Church to find out how to submit the application to the Diocese of Southern Ohio. 

As you probably know, all applications must be submitted to the Diocese of Southern Ohio; none may be sent directly to Christ Church. The Diocese will then forward the applications to our Search Committee.

Deadline to receive names for consideration: March 24, 2020



If you are a prospective candidate, we invite you to prayerfully discern with us whether you are called to become our rector and join us as we prepare to serve our third century in downtown Dayton. Please visit the following links and explore the rest of our website!

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