Who We Are

Christ Church is a Safe Zone

We are a place of safely for all people. We oppose Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of religious persecution. Xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and racism are not preached here and are actively opposed. Our church is intended to be a house of prayer, safety and grace for everyone. We provide sanctuary for anyone who needs it.


Our History

Slider-HisotryChrist Episcopal Church was established in 1830.  Bishop Philander Chase invited the Reverend Ethan Allen to Ohio to participate in some missionary efforts.  Allen arrived in Dayton in October 1830 and conducted services in the local courthouse.  On May 28, 1831, 103 people signed the Articles of Association.   By 1833, the Church was holding services in its own building on South Jefferson Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets.  The church location moved in 1879 to where it currently stands today at 20 West First Street.

The Great Flood of 1913

Dayton-Flood-1913In 1913, downtown Dayton experienced the Great Flood, where much of Dayton was  under water.  The church building had four feet of water on the first level.  In 1966, a revitalizing renovation was carried out, and the basement under the building was created.

We have been a missionary congregation in the Dayton area for a very long time!

Christ Episcopal Church founded several other Dayton area Episcopal parishes, such as St. Andrew’s in 1889 on Salem Avenue.  In 1896, St. Margaret’s on Free Pike was established.  St. Paul’s in Oakwood came about in 1929, and St. Mark’s on Woodman Drive was established in 1938.  From there, St. Paul’s helped establish St. George’s in Centerville in 1954, and St. Mark’s helped to create St. Christopher’s in Fairborn in 1958.

Many Firsts

The church had several “firsts” in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.  For example, Josephine Crowl was the first woman vestry person, and Kyle McGee was the first Black priest in a white congregation in 1967-1969.  Doris Mote was the first woman priest in the Diocese from 1975-1979.  Ted Bingham was the first Ombudsman in the City of Dayton, and Bonnie McCaulley was the second Ombudsman in the city, as well as the first female Ombudsman here.

Southern-Ohio-DioceseThe Alley Door was one of the first coffee houses in the Dayton area.  Each Sunday evening, it featured The Jazz Lab, where black musicians could meet and play music in the downtown area.

In 1963, the church began its Deaf Ministries.

We are a Believe Out Loud Congregation

Believe Out Loud

We welcome and embrace the LGBTQ Community. Within our membership are members who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, queer and questioning, straight. We are all created in the image of God and strive to follow Jesus.

Many LGBTQ people have been injured and hurt by religious organizations and people. We strive to be a place where people can heal and be nourished by people of faith. For those with no faith or who struggle with faith, we are here for you, too.

In addition to the Christ Church community, we host the Living Beatitudes Community which is a chapter of Dignity USA. They meet on Sunday morning at 10 am. We also host Youth Quest, which is an organization that supports LGBTQ teens.

Outreach Programs

Help-othersChrist Church in Dayton is a major resource for those within our community who have hit hard times.  We host a variety of 12-step programs to help people struggling with addiction.  Our doors are open daily for folk to come to God’s House for prayer, reconciliation, and support. We host the CityHeart Corporation that provides hospitality and helps with emergency needs and longer term referrals.


Parking for Worship and Church Events is Free

Christ Church’s parking lot is located at the southeast corner of First and Ludlow Streets on the west side of our building. Access is from First Street which is one-way going east. The lot is managed by a firm that charges for parking. Parking for All Worship and Church Sponsored events is free. If an attendant is collecting cash for event parking, just tell him or her that you are going to the church. If you are coming to the church at other times, do not pay. You can get a free pass from the church office. Evenings after 6 pm and weekends, all street parking is free in Downtown Dayton.

If you should ever be ticketed in our parking lot by mistake, please bring the ticket to the church office, and we will happily have it nullified for you.