We are authentic.

We foster a deep commitment to walk in the footsteps of Jesus by encouraging one another and giving our time, our talents, and our hearts in the service of others.

We encourage diversity.

We treat all as equals without judgement or bias, regardless of age, race, sexual identification, ability, economic status, or homelessness.

We believe in reconciliation.

We strive to bring people together who are otherwise divided over politics and various social issues.

We strive to embody the spirit of hospitality and inclusiveness.

No one who enters our doors is made to feel an outsider. Everyone is welcome to our services.

We value community.

Weekly fellowship is experienced in hearing the Word and breaking the Bread in the company of Jesus.
Our Parish Community

In addition to weekly Coffee Hour after the 10:30 service, the Downtowners group meets for Wednesday lunches, typically on a monthly basis.

Foyer Groups meet in homes, or at a place designated by the group, for food, fellowship, and spiritual support during the year. Formed annually in the fall, the Foyer Groups are an outgrowth of our membership in the international Community of the Cross of Nails.

We host an annual summer picnic and joint worship at a Dayton community park. We include all three congregations worshipping in our building and also invite our downtown friends at First Baptist Church, with whom we have enjoyed a special relationship for several years. We also worship together on other occasions, most recently Ash Wednesday 2019.

Each spring and fall, we conduct a Women’s Retreat, designed to be a time for relaxation, fellowship, and spiritual renewal. A casual, fun, and engaging time with other women of the parish to strengthen friendships and make new ones, the weekend retreat is held at Convent of the Transfiguration’s Bethanna House, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

All are welcome.
No exceptions.

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