Deaf Ministry


deaf ministry | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton OhioOur 10:30 am Sunday worship services are interpreted for the Deaf.  We use qualified interpreters and practicum students from the American Sign Language program at Sinclair Community College.  Come to learn more or contact us at 937-223-2239 or email us at this link.


One Sunday morning in 1963, the Reverend Gordon Price stepped into the pulpit and began his sermon.  After five minutes he suddenly stopped the sound of his voice but continued the movement of his lips.  The congregation was puzzled, then soon became uncomfortable.  Finally, they grew alarmed until they realized they had briefly experienced how a person who is deaf experiences the world every day.

For more than 100 years, priests and laymen of the Episcopal Church have been communicating with the people who are Deaf and hearing impaired.  In 1820, the Reverend Thomas Gallaudet organized St. Ann’s Mission to the Deaf in New York City, which was established as the first Christian church for the Deaf.  The church also provided the first school for the Deaf, and it was the first church to hold an ordination of a Deaf priest.