Announcing our Wednesday Evening Lenten Series

Announcing our Wednesday Evening Lenten Series

Announcing our Wednesday Evening Lenten Series 1080 1080 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

“Scripture’s Spectrum: Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary Bible Readings”

The stories of the Bible capture humanity’s quest to understand ourselves and our relationship with God. This makes it vitally important to see the full range of humanity represented and belonging in God’s family. In this series, taught by Bible scholar Dr. Esther Brownsmith, we will move beyond the “clobber texts” to seek out biblical stories of people who range across the spectrum of gender and sexuality. By reflecting on these stories and their positive portrayals of embodied identities, we will learn how to embrace ourselves and our neighbors more fully, confident in God’s abundant love.

February 21: Joseph and the Rainbow Princess Dress
February 28: Redefining Masculinity with Daniel the Eunuch
March 6: “Whither Thou Goest”: Ruth’s Sapphic Steadfastness
March 13: The Non-Binary Wisdom of Mordecai and Qohelet
March 21: Imagining a Genderfluid God

Dr. Esther Brownmith, Facilitator

Esther is a member of our 10:30 worship community and sings in the Christ Church Choir. She previously served as a facilitator for our fall Adult Forum series “Using Picture Books for Racial Healing”.Dr. Esther Brownsmith is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Dayton. Her first monograph, Gendered Violence in Biblical Narrative: The Devouring Metaphor, will be published this April with Routledge. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming Unruly Books: Rethinking Ancient and Academic Imaginations of Religious Texts, and her second monograph will examine the book of Esther in the light of fan fiction studies, queer theory, and affect theory. Dr. Brownsmith’s research focuses especially on the stories of the Hebrew Bible and the cultural and literary norms that make them so resonant. She lives in Dayton, OH with her spouse, a house full of stuffed animals, and a kitchen full of baking supplies.

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