Labyrinth Writings Walk — May 4

Labyrinth Writings Walk — May 4

Labyrinth Writings Walk — May 4 2048 1536 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

Celebrate World Labyrinth Day this May 4 by joining a small group of like-minded souls for a meditative trek through the Reconciliation Labyrinth and then a short sharing session, if interested.

Join facilitator Tom Schaefer for Christ Church’s spring Labyrinth Writings Walk on Saturday, May 4, at 4:30 pm.

Participants will gather to share a reading or two about Life, then one by one head up the pathway into the labyrinth to discover what it holds for each.

Upon exiting, participants will take a few minutes to write a journal entry or make a sketch, then if willing, share. No pressure. Session time goal: 60min

To keep the group small, reservations required. Reservation deadline:

Thursday, May 2. If more than a small group is interested, an additional session will be scheduled.

Contact Tom Schaefer to reserve your text or call 937.231.3046


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