Labyrinth Writings Walk

Labyrinth Writings Walk

Labyrinth Writings Walk 150 150 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

Wanted: A small group of labyrinth trekkers to consider wise philosophy before heading into The Reconciliation Labyrinth for a very personal experience. Debrief to follow.

Join facilitator Tom Schaefer for Christ Church’s first Labyrinth Writings Walk on Saturday, July 10, at 7 pm. Plan is for a small group to gather to share a short reading or two about Life, then one by one head into the labyrinth to discover what it holds for each on a Saturday evening in July. Upon exiting, participants will take a few minutes to write a journal entry, then if willing, share. No pressure. Session time goal: 60 minutes, though might go a bit longer.

Reservations required. If more than a small group is interested, other sessions will be scheduled. Tom expects to offer the Labyrinth Writings Walk seasonally, so if you’re busy or not ready yet, consider joining him in the fall or next spring on World Labyrinth Day.

Contact Tom Schaefer to reserve your spot in the July 10 Labyrinth Writings Walk.( / text or call 937.231.3046)

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