Story-Sharing on Oct. 3

Story-Sharing on Oct. 3

Story-Sharing on Oct. 3 150 150 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Church is participating in the national story-sharing campaign “From Many, One: Conversations Across Difference”, that invites Episcopalians and our neighbors to engage in one-to-one listening and sharing across the many differences that separate us. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we trust that the spiritual practice of conversation across difference can help to knit us all into a diverse, more perfect union. It all starts with simple questions: What do you love? What have you lost? Where does it hurt? What do you dream? What is the best gift you have ever received?

We invite you to sit with us and share your story. We’ll be offering this Story-Sharing space after the service on October 3.

Click here to watch videos of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and other leaders modeling these one-on-one conversations using The Four Questions.

With permission, these story-sharing sessions will be recorded and shared with the Diocese to be used at Convention, and may potentially be used by Christ Church for digital evangelism. If you prefer not to be recorded – that’s ok! Overall, this is meant to be a space for conversation and story-sharing, whether you choose to be recorded or not.


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