Upcoming Creation Care Webinars

Upcoming Creation Care Webinars

Upcoming Creation Care Webinars 1104 566 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

Deep Green Faith offers two webinars in January:

Why and How Older People of Faith are Called to Engage in the Climate Crisis

Thursday, January 11
7:30 p.m. ET

What does faithfulness look like when creation itself is threatened? The climate crisis presents humanity with an unprecedented opportunity to respond. The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal will provide an update on the crisis, and share some of the many ways churches and other faith communities can get involved, including joining Bill McKibben’s new organization, Third Act.

Refugia Communities for a Resilient Future

Thursday, January 25
7:30 p.m. ET

This webinar will explore the biological concept of refugia, which are habitats where life persists in the midst of extreme disturbance. Taking a cue from nature’s resilience strategies, participants will consider how people of faith might become people of refugia, not only in the natural world but also in cultural and spiritual contexts as well.


Both events are free; register here to receive a Zoom link.

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