January 2022 Daily Devotional Series

January 2022 Daily Devotional Series

January 2022 Daily Devotional Series 150 150 Dayton Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Church and Living Beatitudes Community will be offering a 31-day devotional series using the book “Face to the Rising Sun: Reflections on Spirituals and Justice” by Mark Bozzuti-Jones.

This series will begin on January 1, 2022. Participants can purchase a copy through the church for $13 or an e-book version online for $9.99. Participants can also opt-in to daily emails featuring a musical video for each day’s spiritual and the assigned scripture. While we feel participants will get the most out of this series by following along in the devotional book, you’re welcome to sign up to receive the emails only. Please do not let cost keep you from participating, we have limited books available on scholarship.

Click Here to sign up and to place your book order. Paper forms are also available, posted on the bulletin board in the Front Hall and can be placed in the mail tray on the office counter when completed.

Book Description: 

Spirituals, songs of abiding faith passed down by African Americans through the centuries, offer a remarkable view of resilience, courage, and love. Formed in the crucible of fire, these songs express the suffering and horror of slavery as well as the love of God and the promise of a better future.

Author Mark Bozzuti-Jones explores the modern-day lessons of these Spirituals with scripture readings, daily devotions, and questions for reflection. With 31 days of devotions, Face to the Rising Sun offers a path forward, a way to repent and name the evils of racism and to learn and grow together in God’s love.

A Message From the Author:

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